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our service area include the entire Southeastern United StatesWe provide crime scene recovery services throughout the Southeastern United States. And we guarantee a response time of 24 hours or less to any bio recovery incident in our immediate service area which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and northern Georgia.

Homicide, suicide, and serious trauma clean up:
We will clean, disinfect, and sanitize all contaminated surfaces. Porous items that cannot be cleaned, such as blood-soaked carpet, padding, and upholstery, will be cut into strips, packaged, and hauled away for incineration.

Decomposed crime scenes:
Commonly referred to as "decomps" in the cleaning industry, a decomposed crime scene occurs when a person dies and lies undiscovered for longer than 48 hours. After that 48 hour time period, gases from the body escape, penetrate porous surfaces (i.e. fabric, upholstery, carpet, and drapes) and cling to non-porous surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors, and drapes). We will wipe down surfaces with anti-microbial agents which attack and breakdown odors at a molecular level, making dwellings habitable again.

Distressed property clean up:
Whether its called distressed, trashed, or pack rat, houses with piles of trash and garbage can pose many dangers. Besides sharp objects like syringes, bottles, nails, broken glass, carpet tacks, and wood splinters, there are diseases like the Hanta Virus which is spread through rat droppings. Dwellings such as these should be cleaned by professionals who are dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We will clean the dwelling and haul away contaminated furniture and appliances. In addition, the dwelling will be photographed before, during, and after the cleaning, and a full inventory can be taken for insurance recovery purposes.

Meth lab clean up:
Cleaning procedures after a meth lab is discovered may vary. Sometimes, contamination is so broad and extensive that the inside of a building or home may need complete renovation. Carolina Crime Scene Recovery will assess the damage to the property, then clean up salvageable items and dispose of unsalvageable items.

Blood and body fluid removal:
In accordance with state and federal guidelines, items soaked with blood, or other body fluids will be treated with disinfectant then placed in bio hazard medical waste boxes for incineration. No item soaked in or contaminated with body fluids may be placed in a dumpster or regular trash.

Blood can soak through the carpet and the padding below and into the
floor surface itself. Each layer must be properly disposed of and/or
decontaminated by trained technicians to avoid the spread of disease.

Vehicle cleaning:
Whether it's a car in which someone has committed suicide, or a police cruiser where someone has bled or thrown up, Carolina Crime Scene Recovery can make the interior safe again. No police officer, sheriff's deputy, state trooper, or cab driver should have to put himself in danger - that's what the professionals at Carolina Crime Scene Recovery are trained to do.

Fingerprint powder:
In criminal cases, crime scene investigators will dust items with fingerprint powder. This powder is extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible to remove.